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Classification of men's underwear
Dec 01, 2016

High waist briefs-briefs--and low waist briefs. Priority of legs thick crowds, and more slender legs can also be modified. Low waist briefs sexy high waist briefs.

Name from BVD--bullet bullet pants pants, because BVD underwear packaging shapes designed into the shape of a bullet, male briefs known. Bullet pants in the crotch like a bullet shaped, as the name suggests bullet pants. Advantages of wearing bullet pants prominent male genitals visible.

Boxer shorts-the legs are too thick or too thin people are not fit to wear. But most people choose this type of underwear.

– Four tight pants briefs the advantages of combined panties and short feet, appeared tight boxers Boxer shorts, concise style stand out, become a symbol of Sun boy. Wear something thin or skinny, no trace of underwear pants;

Thong--thong-Butoxyethanol with double d. Back crotch design is only one line of Mono, not used to wearing a bit uncomfortable. There are two belts on both sides into the hip fixed, is double d pants, both styles the biggest advantage is the excellent breathability, can adapt to the wearer's any strenuous exercise while wearing tight pants is not left traces, is a favorite of fashionable men.

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