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Men's Pajamas selection and maintenance
Dec 01, 2016

Summer use light, thin, soft, breathable fabric and drape it with features such as heat absorbing sweat, spring calls for good thermal performance, ease, and comfort. Fabric patterns and elegant bar, regular or small floral pattern. In winter you can choose strong colors and patterns. Pajamas to wash dry silk shade do not exposure. Summer sweating more, pajamas to change very often.

1, reversed when cleaning silk pajamas, dark silk pajamas with light wash separately;

2, wet silk pajamas in the summer should be immediately washed or soaked with water, do not use more than 30 degree hot water washing;

3, please use the Special Silk cleaning products, do not use alkaline detergents, soaps, detergents or other cleaning agents, silk dress, do not use disinfectant, much less into the wash after soaking; wash rinse several times, washing gently rub with your hands, not twisting Silk Underwear after washing to avoid clothes wrinkles. To keep the brightly-colored, soft silk pajamas, can be added a few drops of white vinegar in the final rinse time;

4, when conservation, silk pyjamas when 80% dry ironing, and not directly spray water to iron clothes back, between the temperatures of 100-180 degrees.

5, yellow silk dress in clean rice water, change the water every day, yellow would fade away after three days. If there is a yellow sweat stains, melon juice to wash away;

6, pour shampoo in water (used as silk detergent), into the clear after silk clothes and rub it, because also contain large amounts of protein in the hair and silk fabrics.

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