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Men's underwear fabric
Dec 01, 2016

Men's underwear fabrics include cotton, modal, bamboo fibers, Lycra, nylon, Coolmax (breathing fibers), MERYL.

Cotton fabrics: cotton fabric moisture absorbent underwear but weaker (not easy to do), the skin exposed to the wet clothes, prone to redness, itching, and prickly heat or cause of scrotal eczema, dermatitis and so on. Therefore, if you want to wear cotton underwear, underwear drying should be ensured, perspire easily people and often drove the men to wear cotton underwear of high quality content. While cotton stretch weak, wear cotton underwear's fitness will be a significant impact (inappropriately dressed easily affect adolescent reproductive organs normal development), so the spandex cotton briefs, you should add 5~10% (top spandex as the Dupont "Leica") as auxiliary materials, improved underwear elastic to enhance fitness. Davidarchy men's underwear experts suggest the skin extremely sensitive to sweat less and consumers with combed cotton spandex panties.

Tactel (nylon 66): Tactel is United States du Pont produces a high-quality polyamide fiber called nylon. Nylon fabric is soft and comfortable, and its good hygroscopic humidity difference between the air and the body can be balanced, thereby reducing pressure on the body, adjust the effect. Lightweight, very easy to maintain. Machine washable, three times faster than cotton in dry times, just micro-hot or hot, not easily deformed, has remarkable anti-wrinkle.

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