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Dec 01, 2016

1, detergents/detergent is not directly touch on the underwear: detergent/when used with fluorescent whitening agents can cause uneven color, faded or discolored, lotion should be dissolved in water, then put the underwear in. In addition, the use of bleach can make quality mold and color of underwear, you should avoid using.

2, as far as possible in the shortest amount of time washing: washing machine washing, 3 minutes would be enough, wash easily lead to discolored or stained underwear for a long time.

3, Silk Underwear washing method: Silk Clothing and soft and glossy, but easily folds, shrinkage, and sun damage, it should use neutral detergent, and hand wash and towel dry, flat to dry.

4, dark with white or light colored underwear must be washed separately: when machine washing, you must separate the white and light colored underwear; when hand-washing should be cleaned from shallow to deep, such as white first, then wash light, finally wash dark colors. Secondly, it should be less lingerie wash dirt, wash underwear with more dirt placed last.

5, zipper parts pull: body corset with a zipper, zip must be in the cleaning activities shoulder belt chest (can be used for strapless BRA) best to the shoulder straps out of the activities, separate cleaning.

6, soft rings and zipper vests must be washed by hand: hand washing, such as excessive force, also easily clothings deformation, preferably using "pressure washing method" and "rub" method for washing.

7, in a laundry net for lingerie limited to half: because underwear is made of soft and delicate materials, resulting in his laundry in accordance with label directions, into the laundry washed in the nets, it is important to note as net underwear, shall be limited to the half washing NET.

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