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Wrong way to wash underwear
Dec 01, 2016

① underwear not machine washable. Washing underwear is learned, good underwear is best washed by hand, especially with steel wire or steel underwear, never use washing or dewatering, it makes your underwear severely deformed, also can damage materials. And in the washer, friction stir process, bacteria, colors, clothing shed fibers, unavoidable contamination.

② do not wash all the clothes. Some people wash clothes, water-saving, usually wash underwear and wash coats, to wash socks and other debris, a basin of water, dirty and dark. It ensures some of the clothes are clean, but my laundry, pollution is very serious. Especially stockings and women's underwear shuffle is more harmful, can lead to female genital diseases.

③ others for convenience, to concentrate all leaving her clothing into the wash in the washing machine, washing machines, friction stir process, bacteria, colors, clothing shed fibers, unavoidable contamination.

Black clothing do not wash to the cleaners. Dry cleaners is complex the wash, a healthy person, patient, there may be patients with infectious diseases. Some bad business for profit and cutting corners, eliminating the disinfection treatment processes, can also cause the spread of diseases. Some other people's washing machine never cleaned, if one turns it has been wash, drain the accumulation of dust and dirt on the inside wall, breeding many viruses and bacteria. Washing the dirt and bacteria contamination in the clothes.

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