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Characteristics Of Woman Seamless Underwear
Jul 10, 2017

  Characteristics of Woman Seamless Underwear

  Underwear on the edge of the body can not see the traces of underwear, it is the concept of no trace, it is no trace underwear. The so-called "seamless underwear" is the use of novel special equipment through the weft knitting method produced basically a molding underwear, it uses the production of high elasticity of knitted coats, underwear and high elasticity of movement of High-tech technology, so that the neck, waist, Woman Seamless Underwear buttocks and other parts of the need no seams, only in the crotch part of the patch process as a back-road process. It will be comfortable, considerate, stylish, change set in one, not only make consumers fondle admiringly, but also deeply impress many international well-known brand designers, become its inspiration source.

  Three-dimensional underwear has been the European and American clothing underwear industry to promote a strong link. Its less cutting, less seam, intimate comfort of the quality, Woman Seamless Underwear has always been favored by female friends. In the market, the price of seamless underwear, are also included in the high price of goods.

  Clothing is also the waist on both sides of the seam is not, the neck is also the entire ring without seam, underwear on both sides of the side is not sewn.

  According to the design and development of underwear, today's trend is to match the low waist culottes wear, the rear buttock does not leave pants mark fashion underwear. Woman Seamless Underwear Fashion underwear to cut hips, decorate the hip curve, natural support high buttocks position, show beautiful hips.

  This kind of underwear in cotton, nylon and other materials to add more use of the Lai card fiber fabric, can be part of the air, and has a unique elastic fiber, Woman Seamless Underwear wear in the body extra sweat breathable, silky, comfortable intimate, suitable for all ages of women wearing.

  The types of seamless underwear have flat-footed trousers, triangular trousers, thongs and so on.

  A kind of mini underwear, also known as "T" trousers, thoroughly western naturalistic schools, breaking the traditional concept. Especially with jeans and tights, there will be no ligature marks on the hips, and genuine underpants.

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