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Classified According To Bra Cup Size
Dec 01, 2016

A, 1/2 cup bra: the entire bra is dome-shaped, features dressed is a cup of v before and for Parallels, in design of 95% above as detachable belt type, due to poor stability, promote ineffective, suitable for smaller breasts who wear, Yu Lou back and strap works the best.

B, 3/4 cup bra: it is centered in the BRA design in the best style, not completely wrap the chest, 1/4 gel, showing cleavage and sexy. Features open-line v, upside down, or diagonal interpolation cotton, points on the shoulder strap. Any body type can be, and well with suits, suits, and so on.

C, full Cup bra: whole balls can be all inclusive in the breast cups, suitable for full and fleshy soft, fall outside the scope of women's wear in the chest, has strong support and enhance results. General design of full-Cup Bras are c, d, e and other large cups. Well with sports, leisure wear, and so on.

In accordance with the classification of exterior style Cup:

A, seamless bra: tight seamless design, suitable for matching tights.

B, the magic bra: the inside of the Cup add water bags, cotton pads increase blood circulation to promote breast growth.

C, front clasp bra: hook placement and Centennial seedless, easy to wear, with concentrated effect.

D, long bra: is a kind of standard BRA, you can adjust the display curve used for the soundtrack in abdominal fat at the waist evening dresses

E, leisure Bras: cotton, with a daily dress and casual.

F special features: nursing bra in front of the BRA to open a small mouth, feed the baby.

G, no steel bra: steel bra-free means no bra wheel design, mechanical bra design, naturally hold the female breast, breast bondage without rims

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