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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Woman Seamless Underwear
Oct 11, 2017

Cleaning and maintenance of Woman Seamless Underwear

1. Washing, should be dissolved in the neutral lotion in 30℃-40℃ warm water can be put down clothing, soak for a while after the use of the hands, Woman Seamless Underwear do not force wash to avoid wear fabric.

2. Underwear soiled should be cleaned as soon as possible, the longer the time, the infiltration of material fibrous tissue, the more difficult to clean. Woman Seamless Underwear Rinse thoroughly when cleaning lotion. Do not use clothing softener after washing to avoid damaging the elastic fiber of underwear.

3. The sun is easy to make clothes deteriorate and fade, so underwear can only be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. The wet bra should be hung up with the center of the cup and the shoulder strap should not be hung because the weight of the water will lengthen the shoulder.

4. If the label on the underwear does not indicate the need for hand washing, Woman Seamless Underwear but must pay attention to washing the underwear with the washer for three minutes. Long-time washing easily leads to discoloration or staining of clothing.

5. Make sure the underwear is completely dried when you store it. Underwear must be kept away from insect-proof agent, because the insect-resistant agent is silk, elastic cloth of the Nemesis, Woman Seamless Underwear once contacted, will become brittle relaxed, lose elasticity.

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