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Dec 01, 2016


General of is cotton of: is traditional of fabric has, age big some of people accept rate is high, wearing comfortable, also has modal of: Blue fine modal is most middle of modal, personal comfortable degrees is good, Pro-skin sex is good, moisture guide Khan sex than cotton good, has silk like of feel, also has high support fine comb cotton: is than General cotton better many also has linen: linen fiber exists Yu Ma stems of phloem organization in the, by retting dip degumming removal part glial, makes adhesion fiber beam get part loose, again by pressure rolling, and playing MA processing into "playing into Ma", 10~20 pieces of single fiber technology. Due to moisture absorption, good wet permeability and fast, relatively small in diameter, is the main fiber raw material of summer clothes.


Typically, called linen fabric woven from flax fiber cloth. Tencel: is a new type of viscose fibers, also known as LYOCELL viscose fibre, its brand name Tencel. Tencel is the use of solvent spinning technique used, used in the production of amine oxide solvent is completely harmless to the human body, almost completely recycled, reusable and no by-products. Currently on the market is the most popular fabric of bamboo fiber fabrics, stick wearing soft comfortable, sterilizing antibacterial, perspiration-absorbing damper effect, its products can degrade!

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