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How Long Does It Take To Wash Your Women Nightwear?
Jul 21, 2017

  How long does it take to wash your Women Nightwear?

  Many women return home, the first thing is to take off bra, put on intimate Women Nightwear, nightgown. Weekends, even in Women Nightwear, do all kinds of housework, from the laundry to cook to clean.

  Many people change their coats every day, but their Women Nightwear don't get the same treatment. Because many people think: Women Nightwear Wear only a few hours a day, looks clean, no need to frequent washing.

  In fact, the Women Nightwear clean, is a kind of illusion, Women Nightwear long wear does not wash will cause disease.

  1. Causing skin diseases

  First of all, the human body corneum is updated every day, easy to produce micro-dust and dander. The longer the Women Nightwear are worn, the more dead cells and microbes piled up above, the more likely they are to be pathogenic.

  Second, we spend most of our time in our Women Nightwear in bed, with all kinds of mites, germs, dandruff, dust, and so on, that they may be exposed directly to the body through their Women Nightwear.

  Both of these factors may cause skin disease. such as allergic dermatitis, infectious hair follicle inflammation, papules urticaria. Each can make you itch and suffer from physical and mental pain.

  2. Causes diseases of urinary system

  If the bacteria on the Women Nightwear to invade the urethra, it may cause the relevant parts of the infection, such as urethritis, worsening the disease and then lead to cystitis.

  This is not equal for men and women, who are at greater risk of infection than men.

  3, leading to gynecological diseases

  Not only is the urethra inflamed, but the likelihood of inflammation in women's private places. For example, vaginal candidiasis, is caused by fungal infection.

  Women do not want to get gynecological disease, they have to pay attention to changing their Women Nightwear.

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