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Into The World Of Woman Seamless Underwear
Oct 11, 2017

Into the world of Woman Seamless Underwear

When people hear the word seamless knitting, the first thought may be to make our legs look more slender and beautiful stockings. Some might ask: Woman Seamless Underwear Is there a stitch in the stockings? In fact, most people's minds have no shadow of a seamless knit garment. So let's take a look at the real seamless knitting of the world.

Seamless knitted apparel refers to the use of small special circular machine weft knitting, according to the computer program designed in advance, one woven into the tube-like piece (without side seam), and then the whole dyeing solid color, and then after a simple cut stitching, then made into a garment.

1, because it does not have the side seam break off, the continuous weft weaves the fiber weaving craft to make the clothing piece has the ultra strong elasticity extension, Woman Seamless Underwear far surpasses has the sewing clothing;

2, in order to adapt to the different functions and aesthetic design needs, can be a variety of organizational structure, on the garment piece weaving, and the organization and organization of the cohesion and excessive, is seamless connection,

3, can be mixed with a variety of fibers, especially the advantages of elastic fiber and other fiber perfect combination, not only embodies the comfort and beauty of the fiber, Woman Seamless Underwear but also embodies the durability of washing, not deformation easy to handle the use of functions.

4, so the Woman Seamless Underwear process is particularly suitable for woven underwear and sportswear wearing, exceptionally considerate and comfortable, without oppression and discomfort!

But there is a need to explain the concept of "seamless":

The "seamless" (also known as "one-time molding") in the popular parlance means "No side seam" and "little seam". is translated from the English "seamless", namely: the whole body piece, the waistband once weaves makes, the seamless, but the sleeve bottom seam, the trouser inside seam, as well as the upper sleeve, the bottom document has the suture line, therefore "seamless" is not " Without a seam "concept, this point to be clear," seamless "refers to such products have the greatest characteristics.

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