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Lace Lingerie Comfortable Feel Very Good
Sep 27, 2017

Lace is an exotic. Mesh tissue, the earliest by the crochet hand weaving, but with the development of the times, people on the underwear requirements are higher, so used to make lace underwear, lace made by lace underwear, or lace with lace underwear called Lace underwear.

With the improvement of people's living needs, sexy underwear is no longer the traditional style, the more sexy the more loved, the most sexy is the lace sexy underwear, is the most popular product sales ranked first, not just Because the lace design looming mysterious temperament, the most important is the good lace wear is very comfortable feel excellent, increase the taste to increase the temperament set in one. Mainly reflected in the three-point, thong, fun skirt and other styles.

Almost every woman can not escape the lure of the fatal temptation, from the most personal underwear to the wedding dress, women are fascinated by the use of lace to show their graceful beauty. Exquisite lace points can lead to women's most sexy, the most noble side. But how should we choose a good lace underwear? Generally consider the three main factors, namely the lace pattern, color and lace fiber firmness.

Now because of the relationship between large production, lace pattern is relatively monotonous, especially the mechanism of lace graphics is the lack of change. On the one hand is due to the uniform production of the machine restrictions, on the other hand the size of the machine is also limited lace width can not be arbitrarily changed.

 The color, the higher quality lace products are often the color of the stability is relatively high. Good lace in the knot before the first yarn dyeing, and then tied to the line of twisted into a strand of yarn, so generally better color. If you wait until the lace for the finished product and then take the dyeing, may lead to lines and lines between the overlapping part can not be stained, this way, a long time the color will gradually fade.

Finally, the firmness of the fiber will also affect the fineness and durability of the lace. Synthetic fibers are flexible and stretchable, just to meet the requirements of lace firmness, which is being widely used in the production of lace and applied to socks, towels and other living items. While the cotton thread is also quite strong, but the wrinkle resistance is poor, the price is higher than the former In addition, the cotton thread feel more soft and comfortable, good dyeing performance, soft color, rich in natural beauty.

Silk is a kind of mesh tissue, first appeared in the United States by hand-woven crochet. Lace works are generally a person to complete the individual, because the knitting techniques vary from person to person, so every lace is unique. And now the use of clothing on the so-called "lace" refers to all kinds of lace, mostly machine production.

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