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Man Lingerie How To Choose The Right One
Sep 11, 2017

Men's underwear how to choose? Men's underwear texture can not be ignored. Because the underwear is a direct contact with the body, so the quality of underwear directly affect the health and comfort of the body. A lot of people pay attention to the coat is good and fashion, especially for the beauty of the girls, that is even more so. And we do not forget to buy underwear is actually a very important thing, and our health is more closely related to, then, men how to buy underwear?

1, work to fit the four corners of the underwear or T-shirt is appropriate, the two can be compared with trousers or jeans and other work to wear the most common pants "match."

2, leisure at home, loose flat pants when the first choice, the advantage is that the day can be pressed in the pants within the free organs of sexual organs. Out of the stroll is T-shaped underwear is better, you can reduce the amount of large activities (such as walking distance) on the sexual organs of the friction.

3, travel or travel, disposable paper or cotton underwear is the best choice. In addition, the general white underwear can also be considered.

4, sleep preferred four corners underwear or flat pants, or a mesh design sports shorts.

5, body fat sweating, especially self-driving men, should not wear cotton underwear, should choose to feel smooth, sweat and easy to dry fabric (such as Korean silk fabric), if necessary, in the key parts with cotton bottom Of the underwear to avoid sticky feeling. In addition, a kind of fabric called Mundell, feel comfortable, and cotton texture is quite close, and the absorption and release of water faster than the average cotton 50%, also worth recommending.

Men's underwear how to choose? Men's underwear texture can not be ignored. Men's underwear in addition to the choice of style, its texture can not be ignored, for the maintenance of male health also plays a vital role.

1, cotton, colored cotton fabric

Cotton and colored cotton underwear wearing soft, comfortable, heat, is a lot of men choose underwear when the first choice. Under normal circumstances, cotton and colored cotton underwear is also the most in line with health requirements. However, for people who are prone to sweating, especially men who often drive, cotton underwear, although sweat, but not easy to dry, the skin for a long time exposure to wet clothing, prone to redness, itching.

2, modal fabric

Modal is a regenerated cellulose fiber made of European beech wooded mattress, modal with a soft cotton, silk luster, its water absorption and breathability than cotton 50% higher, so love sweating, sedentary office men summer Underwear is best to use modal texture underwear.

3, polyester fabric

Cairo University School of Medicine, Dr. Shafi Kexi years after the study found that long-term wear polyester and polyester cotton blended fabric men's underwear will interfere with the normal physiological environment, easy to affect male sexual function. Therefore, this type of chemical fiber underwear should not be long-term wear.

4, blended elastic fabric

Blended elastic fabrics are usually mixed with cotton plus Lycra or spandex fibers. Fabric is flexible, can highlight the body of the lines, and often do not change the deformation, not wrinkle. But the elasticity is too strong, it will have a sense of oppression of the skin, over time, will affect the blood circulation, is not conducive to male reproductive health, and therefore not suitable for long-term wear.

Men's underwear how to choose? Men's underwear texture can not be ignored. Expert guidance: men seem to get used to the life of the big leaves - clothes so-so, underwear is also a pull on the wear. In this regard, the Egyptian Cairo University School of Medicine Dr. Shafi Ke pointed out that men do not wear pure polyester (chemical fiber) underwear, because it may inhibit sperm production, affecting male sexual function.

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