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Man Lingerie The Fabric Problem Is Very Important
Oct 18, 2017

With the improvement of people's quality of life, underwear has been more and more consumers attention, which also greatly affected people's dress, men's underwear is becoming a new bright spot in the garment industry and growth. So, well-known men's underwear brand, how much do you know? The following under a well-known authoritative survey, in 2011 the top five brands of consumers as follows:

1, CK Calvin. Klein (founded in 1968 the United States, the United States the largest designer brand, the top ten men's underwear brand, the world famous luxury brand)

2, FIRST France famous underwear brand (top brand Simone Perele's)

3, ANTINEA famous French underwear brand (top brand LISE CHARMEL's)

4, JOCKEY (beginning in 1876 the United States, the world famous brand, the United States sales of the best / most famous underwear brand, the United States Jockey company)

5, HOLELONG (Huguan (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1968 in Hong Kong, is the design, production, dissemination, sales and service as one of professional men's underwear company.

In addition, the players, Bench Body, Pierre Cardin, three guns, etc. are also popular with domestic customers.

The face of so many brands, how to choose their own brand underwear it, which is your most appropriate, but also take into account the natural and comfortable underwear options? Some people tend to choose international brands, in fact, this is a consumer misunderstanding. Underwear choice is more important than the coat and pants, not only need to pay attention to comfort, functionality and more worthy of attention, and some European and American brands of international design and design of the starting point are based on the European model for the prototype, not necessarily It's right for you. Selection of men's underwear according to the thickness of the legs, comfort and whether the sweat and other aspects of departure, in general, the following selection principles and methods:

When buying more to the clerk inquiries, pay attention to check the manual, such as the key parts of the car line is smooth, supple, so shop better than three! If you are ashamed to even feel trouble, then online shopping is definitely your best choice, remember to look at its details.

The problem of fabric is also very important, the same can not be ignored. The fabric in men's underwear, but occupies an important role, because it is directly related to the comfort of wearing and health. Men's cotton underwear is more comfortable, and now most people buy men's underwear. But for many people, cotton men's underwear is not necessarily the best choice, although the cotton sweater, but it is not easy to dry, causing the skin for a long time exposure to wet clothes, prone to redness, itching, Or prickly heat, etc., which is extremely unfavorable to male health, need to attract attention.

In the fabric, after the relevant testing, foreign brands FIRST, ANTINEA and JOCKEY are more excellent, the indicators are qualified, the domestic brand HOLELONG are also standard, their fabrics are made of high quality environmentally friendly fabrics, feel soft and comfortable, and Meet the level of fabric standards, suitable for personal dress.

As for the pants type of choice, the legs are too thick or too thin people should not wear four corners of men's underwear, and narrow trousers is not suitable for loose corners of men's underwear. The actor in the movie is often wearing a square pants appearance, so the market on the corner of the men's underwear is also more and more, four pants have to return to the trend.

Generally that the pants and briefs compared to reduce the constraints and friction, and keep the cool, but if blindly wide trousers to achieve the purpose of cool, then overkill. Choose the pants to fit fit, neither seem bloated. Comfortable and cool. At present, the design of the four-angle pants is more and more perfect, the new design of many styles to adapt to different occasions and different clothes with. In the case of

Men's underwear in the design of the high slits of the starting point is not sexy, but to take care of the relatively thick legs of men. Will better protect the male function of the thick legs. And will not cause friction between the legs over the situation, it will not run and cause damage. If you do not wear full high pants underwear, you can also choose semi-high pants pants. In the case of

There are some more fashionable men will wear low waist underwear to follow the trend, but as it is good or bad only know that, as long as they feel good on the line.

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