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Precautions For Wearing Women Nightwear
Jul 21, 2017

  Precautions for wearing Women Nightwear

  Knowing the risks, you have to master the cleaning and maintenance of the Women Nightwear.

  1. Regular cleaning

  In general, the winter sweat, less fat secretion, the skin in a relatively clean environment, so the Women Nightwear can be washed once a week.

  And summer sweat more, a variety of microbial activities are frequent, suggest 1-2 days to wash.

  This does not need to generalize, sweating more is cleaned once a day, summer best prepare more than 2 sets of Women Nightwear.

  2. Don't use hot water

  In general, Women Nightwear no matter what kind of material, are not suitable to wash with hot water, otherwise it will damage the material, so that its permeability, perspiration loss.

  Recommended Women Nightwear best warm hand wash, and underwear dedicated to the neutral detergent cleaning.

  Note that the detergent is not directly on the Women Nightwear, pour the right amount, first let it completely dissolved in water, and then put the Women Nightwear gently rubbed. After washing, put in a cool place to dry, to avoid exposure.

  3, choose the right

  A good Women Nightwear, should have a good performance: personal, breathable, sweat-absorbent strong, easy to wear, easy to remove, easy to wash.

  Overall, the material selected silk and the whole cotton is better. The most not recommended chemical fiber fabrics, followed by hemp Women Nightwear, the former will cause skin allergies, the latter may affect sleep.

  Style is appropriate to split, one is more convenient action, two is more occlusion, even if the home to the guests, do not panic into the bedroom to change clothes.

  Color is suggested light pink or light blue, can concentrate Antion, promote sleep.

  4, activities should not be more

  Women Nightwear are not a home suit, you can't wear it to do all kinds of things. In particular, sweat-rich activities, as well as bacteria, smell-rich environment, do not wear Women Nightwear. Unless you're willing to bring a stink and a bunch of bacteria to bed.

  In short, the Women Nightwear remember often clean!

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