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Seamless Bra Is A Must For Females
Oct 23, 2017

Menstrual period

Premenstrual breast pain:

From the menstrual cramps one week before the beginning of the breast began to increase, most women will suffer from breast fullness, hard, tenderness, etc., severe by a slight vibration or collision that is uncomfortable, the original particles or nodules more obvious The Such symptoms are elevated estrogen levels in the body, breast hyperplasia, tissue erosion caused by intermus.

A. Do not wear bra or wear steel brakes before or during menstruation may cause the following hazards:

1. steel bra in order to support the weight of the chest, with a certain amount of support, no doubt to the breast caused a certain pressure, which is likely to increase the breast soreness, pain; long-term oppression, easy to induce breast tissue hyperplasia and other breast diseases The

2. Do not wear bra, likely to cause the chest sagging, external expansion, thus affecting the chest lines.

B. the benefits of wearing a seamless bra:

1. In the period of menstrual breast pain period, long-term adherence to wear seamless bra, can effectively reduce and improve breast pain symptoms.

2. In the menstrual wear appropriate seamless bra, can avoid causing or aggravate menstrual breast pain, breast hyperplasia and other chest discomfort symptoms.

3. Choose soft and comfortable fabric, to avoid sensitive breasts by friction and other external factors and produce discomfort.


The breast is made up of fat and glands, and during breastfeeding, the skin of the breast surface is stretched and stretched. After breastfeeding, glandular atrophy, breast becomes smaller, breast suspension support structure of the elasticity also will be reduced, it is easy to reduce the elasticity of the breast, relaxation sagging situation.

A. nursing to wear a seamless bra for reasons:

1. If you do not wear bra, the weight of the breast will be significantly drooping. Especially in the work, walking and other cases of severe breast shock, sagging more and more obvious.

2. steel bra, easy to oppression to the breast blood vessels and milk root, resulting in blood does not cycle.

3. From the lactation period, insist on wearing a seamless bra. Breast in the case of no oppression, with support and support, breast blood circulation unobstructed, to promote the secretion of milk and improve the resistance of the breast are good, but also to protect the breast from scratch and so on.


5 weeks from the beginning of pregnancy, the breast began to change, the nipple color becomes darker, the breast is more obvious below the blood vessels, breasts larger, in addition to some micro-pain, and occasionally touch the lumps, and even under the breast skin appears varicose veins.

A. do not wear bra or wear ring bra during pregnancy harm:

1. With the changes during pregnancy, the bra is extremely easy to oppress the fragile breast, resulting in obstruction of the breast tube barrier, affecting the secretion of late milk, thus affecting breast-feeding.

2. If you do not wear bra, the chest increases, weight increases, resulting in chest sagging, external expansion, severe cases in the chest will produce pregnancy marks, orange peel and so on.

B. wear the benefits of seamless bra during pregnancy:

1. The right seamless bra, will effectively reduce the oppression of the breast, reduce pain and varicose veins.

2. Select the antibacterial sterilization function of the seamless bra to protect the breasts from friction, to prevent small hair ball blocking nipples, to maintain patency for the late breast preparation.

3. can effectively avoid the emergence of chest sag and external expansion.


Girls in the 13 - 16 years old is the golden age, it is recommended at this time should not wear too tight cotton vest. There are two reasons:

1, in the development period to give the chest enough space, such as wearing too tight vest underwear, will make the original fat belongs to the chest is easy to transfer to the chest side, until after the development of the original chest fat and even into a vice Milk fat.

2, the development of the girls is in the learning stage, students will have a comparison between each other, when the children do not want their chest too prominent, that will be used by students to make fun of, so the general exclusion is too adult Band bra.

In addition, comfortable and beautiful seamless bra is the beauty of women's fitness shaping the essential goods, whether it is to create the perfect body and elegant temperament best combination of yoga, or vibrant, fat-reducing body aerobics, wearing high-quality seamless Bra, will bring a new health shaping experience for the experience, so you completely get rid of the shackles and oppression, easy to enjoy the work of 8 hours outside the exquisite life.

What are you waiting for? Choose a seamless chest on the election of new Yufeng! Healthy, comfortable, zero pressure, seamless bra - your special period and the choice of sleep bra.

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