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Seamless Underwear Design Process
Oct 23, 2017

Small tape with everyone to understand what is seamless underwear, it is the use of special equipment production, a molding. So that the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts of the joints as little as possible to achieve comfort, fashion, change set in one. So today Xiaobian give everyone popular under the seamless underwear design process.

The first step is to measure

Our plate master to get a seamless product, the first thing to say about the weight of the product, measuring the length, width and other basic size, so that you can put a product of the basic framework down.

The second step, analysis

Mainly is the analysis of raw materials composition of the product to see a product which is composed of several raw materials. Whether the yarn is single or blended.

The third step to judge

According to the product weight, size, raw materials and other basic information, you can find almost the same specifications of raw materials. Usually, a senior plate master, as long as the weight of the fabric, Seamless underwear raw materials are made of cotton, nylon, or some special fiber, you can probably determine how much thickness of raw materials used to produce.

The fourth step, plate making

Plate-making process is divided into two parts, the first is the graphics, that is, the machine to be able to identify the product to weave out what kind of graphics out. Then, is the program action, that is, the device to identify the graphics at the same time, but also know what position needs to be what kind of action, Seamless underwear only the combination of graphics and program action can run the program on the device. In the industry, this procedure is called "sample", so the whole process of making the process is called "proofing".

Here, a product design process is basically over. In short, the plate master need to first plate and proofing, and then do a good job into the process of seamless knitting equipment. At this time, the device will be weaving in accordance with the procedures entered. Is not very simple? However, there are many brands of seamless underwear equipment, almost every machine has its own specific plate-making software and format, otherwise the machine will not recognize, let alone weave. Finally remind the baby, winter came, we should pay attention to warm Oh!

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