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Silk Women Nightwear Maintenance Techniques
Jun 27, 2017

  Silk Women Nightwear maintenance techniques


  Silk clothing is a protein delicate delicate health care made of fiber, washing should not be rubbed in rough items and washing machine, Women Nightwear washing clothes should be immersed in cold water 5 - 10 minutes, with special silk detergent synthetic low foam detergent or neutral soap Gently rubbing, painted silk dress in the water can be repeated rinse.


  After washing should not be sun, more should not use the dryer hot bake, generally should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Because the sun in the UV easy to make silk fabric yellowing, fading, aging. So the silk pajamas after washing should not twist to the water, Women Nightwear should gently shaking open, the opposite spread out to dry, dry to Qicheng dry and then iron or shaking.


  Silk pajamas anti-wrinkle performance is slightly worse than the fiber, it is "not wrinkle is not really silk," said. After washing clothes such as wrinkles, need to ironing just crisp, elegant, beautiful. Ironing clothes will be dry to Qicheng dry and even fog spray water to be 3-5 minutes and then hot, Women Nightwear ironing temperature should be controlled at 150 ° C below. Iron should not be directly touch the silk surface, so as to avoid aurora.


  Save silk clothing, first wash clean, dry and then collection. On the inconvenience to wash away the autumn and winter clothing, jacket surface, cheongsam to use dry cleaning method to clean, Women Nightwear ironing so far to prevent the occurrence of mildew, a bite. After ironing, you can also play the role of sterilization and pest control. At the same time, the storage of clothing boxes, cabinets to keep clean, try to seal well to prevent dust pollution.

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