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The History Of Woman Seamless Underwear And Market Prospects
Aug 03, 2017

  The history of Woman Seamless Underwear and market prospects

  Knitted garments to relax and comfortable, soft and close, no sense of restraint and other characteristics, loved by the vast number of consumers, but because of the traditional processing methods, making knitted fabric has a certain suture, and suture thickness tends to affect the knitted garments, especially Is tight body style style of comfort and appearance effects.

  With the people of clothing, especially underwear, increasingly demanding, and further improve the knitting technology, a new generation of fully formed knitted Woman Seamless Underwear came into being.

  The so-called Woman Seamless Underwear, is the use of a dedicated Woman Seamless Underwear knitting machine production of a molding underwear, it uses high-tech seamless processing technology, from yarn to underwear, to achieve without cutting and suturing, neck, waist, buttocks and other parts No need to seams, set comfortable, considerate, fashion, in one.

  Woman Seamless Underwear features, from the Woman Seamless Underwear knitting machine directly woven down the cylindrical products, has many characteristics of the finished product, such as the size has been in place, has been equipped with elastic belt, a cutting mark line, Zhakou and so on.

  The concept of seamless knitting began in the 1980s, when the production equipment was mainly used for industrial production of socks and knitted garments.

  With the improvement of production technology, Woman Seamless Underwear knitting machine has been further developed and improved, people will continue to weft knitting machine technology and socks machine technology used in which the gradual use of computer technology, the introduction of spandex weaving, to Woman Seamless Underwear products taking more and more perfect performance.

  So far, with the gradual marketization of Woman Seamless Underwear knitting machines, there have been more and more manufacturers, began to put into production Woman Seamless Underwear products, and seamless process is also gradually applied to all areas except clothing in the underwear The

  China's domestic manufacturers after years of effort, and finally have our own manufacturing of computer-controlled seamless knitting machine, in the processing level and accuracy and appearance have been greatly improved.

  In addition to the common natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and chemical fiber, but also the use of a large number of specialty fibers such as Lycra, elastic fibers, porous fibers, The

  At the same time can be combined with the use of some functional yarn, such as anti-ultraviolet yarn, antibacterial yarn, warm yarn, moisture-proof yarn.

  Woman Seamless Underwear technology for the development of new space for clothing, and the development of new development pathways have made a decisive contribution, it is because of the unique properties of Woman Seamless Underwear products, only by more and more consumers of all ages, with unlimited broad Beautiful prospects, experts expect Woman Seamless Underwear with advanced equipment, will become the mainstream of future knitted apparel products.

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