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The Right Way To Wear Women's Lingerie And Skills To Listen To The Voice
Aug 16, 2017

  The right way to wear women's Lingerie and skills to listen to the voice

  A lot of women in the wear Lingerie when they are casually up a set, and I have a lot of friends in order to wear easy to figure, will be the first buckle from the front buckle, and then hand over, in fact, these methods are Incorrect, maybe someone will ask, do not wear the same bra like, women's Lingerie why is there correct right to say it! If there is such an idea, then wrong, the right Lingerie for the development of women's chest, chest-shaped adjustment, the shape of the body will have a great impact, as long as the right to wear the right Lingerie skills, your body It will be getting better and better, Lingerie will play to the greatest effect Oh.

  Women 's Lingerie the right way to wear and skills

  1 is the first bra to wear the law, stand upright, arms will be through the bra strap, set in the hands.

  2 then leaned forward 30 degrees, women's Lingerie his hands pulled the bottom of the chest down, and then push up the chest so that the chest completely into the cup

  3 slightly fixed after the hand along the two sides to the back, buckle a good button.

  4 and then lift the body straight, women's Lingerie left hand holding the left side of the bra to hold up the right arm into the cup will be around the armpit and the upper part of the chest and fat together into the cup into the cup; the other side with the opposite hand to do the same action.

  5 after adjusting the shoulder strap, tightness can be reached into a finger is appropriate, not too loose or too tight

  6 adjust the shoulder strap may be appropriate to fine-tune under the armpit under the armor fat, women's Lingerie adjust the body may be appropriate to move forward, the same way from both sides to the middle Shoulong.

  7 to see the bra of the steel ring is not the root of the breast below, if not then must be adjusted, otherwise it can not play the role of support and shaping, women's Lingerie straight arms to see if the bra will not slide, if no problem It's all OK.

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