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Washing Items
Dec 01, 2016

1 try to hand wash

Washing machine drains often accumulate on the inside wall full of debris and dirt, which breed bacteria, inevitably stained underwear in the laundry and dry cleaning using detergent is perchloroethylene, also harmful to human health.

2 separate washing

Even using the washing machine, which also break must be separated. His clothes are better washed separately, or at least should be separated from the clothing of children and adults; separated from healthy subjects and patients clothing; underwear, coats separate.

3 wash after exposure

After washing the clothes should be well-ventilated and dry, sunny area where clothes fully exposed. Bacteria normally above 55 degrees would be difficult to survive, it is very important.

4 regular cleaning washing machine

Longer washing machine, laundry more often, hidden in more number of mould spores in the chute, and then attached to the clothing, allergies and other diseases. When cleaning, preferably using special cleaning agents, you can also use "baking soda and white vinegar" for cleaning.

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