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Woman Lingerie How To Pick And Maintain
Sep 27, 2017

From the girl to the girls and then to the process of women, underwear is definitely our women's "close small cotton-padded jacket." Remove the sleep, we basically wear it every day more than 10 hours, so important personal items, know a suitable size of their cup is particularly important.

Here, many people may feel that to the underwear shop to listen to shopping guide to buy it, they will give you professional advice. But to note that although there are professional underwear shopping guide, but they have their own chest type, size to understand, so as to two-way judgment, better choice fit "fit small cotton-padded jacket."

1: amount

Most of the domestic underwear size by the number of letters, such as 70A, 80C. The preceding figure refers to the lower bust, and the letters behind are the letters indicated by the difference between the upper and lower busts. Secondly, we have to measure our bust, this step requires us to generally bend to 45 °, as we usually wear underwear the same. On the chest more difficult to measure, you can measure several times after the average.

2: ratio

Measure the upper and lower bust to get our choice of underwear size of the basic data, then you can control the following figure, find out the chest with the chest to get the number of the area where the chest. For example, when you under the chest is 75cm, the chest is 87cm, the difference between the upper and lower bust of 12cm. Compared to the figure, 12 between 10-12.5, then it belongs to the B cup. And then the next chest 75cm between 72-77cm, so the appropriate size is 75B.

Coat underwear wash separately

According to statistics, the human skin per square inch there are 32 million bacteria, so in the soaking and washing clothes, the underwear coat must be separated, and bras, underwear and socks should also be cleaned separately, so as to prevent bacterial cross infection.

Hand wash is more healthy than machine wash

Underwear is best hand wash, the water temperature is generally controlled at 30 ℃ -40 ℃ between. For some lace lace, silk embroidered underwear, it is recommended to use cold water washing, can avoid underwear deformation.

If really lazy do not want to hand wash, machine wash the best attention to two points, one is to kill the machine in advance to kill the bacteria, the other is to protect the underwear steel and cup type, to use a special laundry network, and put clothes Limited to half of the laundry net.

Hand wash is also a small skill

Underwear need to soak in advance about 15 minutes, cleaning, can not be too hard. Hands holding the underwear, you can prevent the guitar just deformation, and then let the left and right cup cover gently rub each other, and then use the same method to clean the inside of the cup cover. Cleaning is completed, the underwear folded upside down, as long as the hands gently out of the cup of 85% of the water can be.

Choose the right cleaning agent

Do not abuse bleach, fungicide cleaning underwear, although there are sterilization to yellow effect, but the irritation is too strong, the human side effects. However, not all neutral detergent can be used to clean the underwear, the body of the private part is a weak acid environment, so to choose weak alkaline, clean and good skin care effect of cleaning products (such as hand soap, liquid soap, etc.) The

 Also do not rush to the laundry agent directly on the underwear, or will not only lead to clothing fade, but also damage the fabric fiber. So be sure to first put in the water the right amount of detergent, and so completely dissolved, and then soaked underwear.

Do not forget to dry

After the underwear wash, can not be placed under the sun exposure, so that clothing will become dry and hard, it is recommended to dry in a ventilated place, and then placed under the sun sterilization. If you encounter wet rainy day, dry directly with a dryer or hair dryer. Dry underwear when the best choice of a small clip of the hanger, the underwear down the folder, or hang the pair of underwear hanging on the hanger, so to maximize the prevention of underwear deformation.

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