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Woman Lingerie Is The Closest To The Body Of Clothing
Aug 16, 2017

  Woman Lingerie is the closest to the body of clothing, first of all to pay attention to clean. Dirt does not mean that is not clean, but also affect the fabric ventilation, sweat and softness, which caused damage to the fabric. Buy a few more favorite Woman Lingerie, alternating use, the life of each Woman Lingerie can be extended some. Advanced or high-priced products are sometimes beautiful and not durable, careful care can maintain its advantages. Woman Lingerie material more soft and thin, wear, off when not too hard, nails do not hook to the fiber. Wear off, but also pay attention not to foundation, lipstick dip on top of the Woman Lingerie.

  First, washing:

  1. The ideal way to wash is to use warm water and neutral emulsion to "tap" the way hand wash.

  2. Do not use cold water or slightly lower than the body temperature (30 degrees below) warm water washing, do not use hot water.

  3. Use a typical neutral detergent.

  4. Lotion to be appropriate, too much lotion will be corrosive, damage Woman Lingerie.

  5. The lotion should be completely dissolved in 30-40 degrees of warm water completely dissolved before they can put down the clothes, lotion directly on the Woman Lingerie, will lead to local discoloration, resulting in uneven color.

  6. Do not use bleach, chlorine bleach will damage the material, make it yellow.

  Second, dry:

  1. Washing machine to dry the time to 30 seconds or less, to prevent excessive damage to the Woman Lingerie deformation or even damage to the material.

  2. Avoid hand twisting Woman Lingerie.

  3. Before drying, will shrink the clothes carefully trimmed to the original, the cup shape finishing.

  4. should be cool in the dry place, the sun easy to make the inner material deterioration, yellow, shorten the service life.

  Third, long time to save:

  1. should be used to minimize the use of sealed plastic bags to save Woman Lingerie, to ensure good air circulation.

  2. Do not put pest control with camphor together, so as not to lose material elasticity.

  3. Hazardous Woman Lingerie bogey, should be used with desiccant.

  Four other:

  1. Fine lace lace Woman Lingerie or Woman Lingerie with soft lap Please hand wash.

  2. Particularly dirty should not use a brush brush, wear damage to the General Assembly Woman Lingerie.

  3. When using the washing machine, please use the Woman Lingerie special laundry net, to prevent Woman Lingerie damage, deformation.

  4. Should avoid co-wash with the coat, resulting in unclean, or mixed with dark clothing, resulting in dyeing.

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