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Woman Lingerie Refers To The Clothes To Wear
Nov 01, 2017

Woman Lingerieit refers to the wear of clothing, including bra, vest, t-shirt, shorts, bra, swimwear, dancers stockings, etc., the English translation of underwear can be translated as Lingerie, so, all because of ancient times underwear is thin Of the linen system, and the hemp of the French is Linge, so there will be Lingerie. Underwear only wear clothes in other clothing, usually direct contact with the skin, is one of the modern clothing is indispensable. Underwear has sweat, type, set off the body, reflect the body, warm and not from the body of the role of pollution of the harm, and sometimes be regarded as sexual signs, the most important thing is to find a suitable for their own underwear.

Underwear fabric

The conventional cotton is: very traditional fabric, and older people accept a high rate of comfort, as well as modal: blue fine modal is the most modal modal, personal comfort is very good, good skin , Moisture permeability than the cotton is good, there are silk-like feel, as well as high-count combed cotton: is much better than ordinary cotton and flax: flax fiber exists in the bark of the stalk tissue, Part of the gum, so that part of the fiber bundles loose, and then by pressing, playing Ma processing into "playing Ma", for 10 to 20 single fiber composition of the process fiber. Because of good hygroscopicity, wet and fast, the diameter is relatively small, is one of the main fiber raw materials in summer clothes. Usually, the cloth made of flax fibers is called linen fabric. Tencel: is a new viscose fiber, also known as LYOCELL viscose fiber, its trade name Tencel. Tencel is made using solvent spinning technology, because the production of amine oxide used in the human body completely harmless, almost completely recyclable, can be used repeatedly, no by-products. Currently on the market the most popular kind of fabric is bamboo fiber fabric, close to wear soft and comfortable, sterilization antibacterial, sweat and moisture effect, and its products can be their own degradation!

Woman Lingerie preservation and maintenance

1. Underwear is the closest to the body of clothing, first of all pay attention to clean. Dirt not only means not clean, but also affect the fabric ventilation, moisture absorption and softness, and thus damage to the fabric.

2. In the purchase, if you like to buy a little more underwear, alternating use, the life of each underwear can be longer. High-level or high-priced products are sometimes beautiful and not durable, careful care can maintain its advantages.

3. Underwear materials are mostly thin and thin, wear and take off when not too hard, but also pay attention to nails can not hook fiber. Wear off the underwear also pay attention not to foundation, lipstick dip in the underwear on top.

4. long time to save the collection of underwear, you can put them a piece of carefully stacked, or cups and cups fold each other, as long as you do not destroy the original chest can be. Lining the thickest on the top, in order to bend down to prevent the thick lining of the underwear due to pressure and deformation, thin lining of the underwear is no deformation concerns.

5. In the delivery of underwear, the proposed separation with other clothing independent storage, and do not forget to put a dehumidifier or some desiccant. In addition, tell you a small recipe: drop a few drops of perfume in a small piece of cloth, or will be left with perfume bottles into the cabinet, one can be deworming, and second can make clothes full of faint fragrance.

6. To prevent the deformation of underwear tips: In order to make the fine bra to maintain a beautiful shape, try not to use the washing machine to wash. Use cold water and mild detergent to clean, you can also hand wash.

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