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Woman Lingerie Washing Method
Jun 13, 2017

  Woman Lingerie washing method

  1, washing powder / detergent can not be directly on the Lingerie: washing powder / agent and fluorescent bleach with the use of color will lead to uneven, fade or discoloration and other phenomena, should first dissolve lotion in water, and then put Lingerie In. In addition, the use of bleach can make the quality of Lingerie mold and discoloration, should be avoided.

  2, as far as possible in the shortest possible time washing: washing machine washing, 3 minutes is enough, long time easy to lead to Lingerie discoloration or dyeing.

  3, silk Lingerie washing method: silk clothing, although soft and glossy, but easy to fold, shrink and damaged by the sun, it is appropriate to use neutral lotion, and hand wash, and then use a towel to dry the water, flat air dry.

  4, dark and white or light Lingerie must be washed separately: in the machine wash, must be white and light Lingerie separate; hand wash should be shallow to deep cleaning, such as the first wash white, then wash light, and finally wash deep color. Second, the dirt should be less Lingerie first wash, put the dirt more Lingerie to wash the last wash.

  5, the zipper part must be pulled: with a zipper body corset, in the cleaning must first pull the zipper, the activities of the shoulder strap type of chest (that can be used for no shoulder strap brains) is best to move the shoulder Take out, separate cleaning.

  6, soft lap and zipper Lingerie to be hand wash: hand wash, such as excessive force, but also easy to make clothing deformation, it is best to use the "washing method" and "rubbing method" washing.

  7, into the laundry net within half of the limit: because the general Lingerie are used in the more soft and delicate material, so in the laundry as indicated by the label, into the laundry net washing, but must pay attention to the net Of the Lingerie, to be limited to half of the laundry network.

  8, should be used at least two separate laundry: the purpose is to have a metal or soft circle of clothing, and no soft circle of clothing separately into, so as not to damage other clothing. In case of deformation of the soft circle of the case, carefully hand rub back to the original shape, do not urgently forced to make it back to the original, the point is to slowly restore the original shape.

  9, machine wash (dry clothes) 30 seconds: Lingerie on the original laundry inside the dry clothes (dehydration) and then dry towel bag, hand squeeze, so that the water was towel absorption. Such as with both hands directly twist the water, easy to wrinkle and damage to the Lingerie material.

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