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Woman LingerieHow To Choose Underwear
Aug 22, 2017

Underwear determines the taste of a woman, although others can not see, but can not underestimate. Underwear size selection can shape your perfect curve, the color can choose to make you have a sense of mystery. Good style not only their own comfortable but also chest and body look better. Here to introduce the woman how to choose underwear.

First, choose the size of the underwear reference standard

1. chest to the mandibular distance for a long time, do not belong to the drooping chest, and vice versa.

2. The mandibular play is affixed to the middle of the clavicle, which is connected to both sides of the nipple after the formation of a positive triangle, so that the chest does not belong to the outward flip or sagging chest. vice versa.

3. The thinest part of the waist is slightly more left than the lower part of the elbow.

4. The most prominent part of the buttocks should appear in the height of 1/2 of the site.

5. Only when the central part of the body to the nipple position and the hips of the most prominent part of the same length, the chest and buttocks is coordinated, is the most beautiful curve.

Second, select the underwear color reference standard

1. The most mysterious woman is the most beautiful women, bra color choice should be with the skin color and personal temperament with, can cause the mystery of the color and shape is the best.

2. The color is mainly light and bright colors and gray neutral tone. Such as: pink, pink, camellia red, light rose color, pink yellow, yellow, yellow, bright yellow, pink green, green, pink blue, water blue, pure white most widely used. As for the deep color will be very cautious, once the right will be icing on the cake, and once the wrong will have the opposite effect.

3. The warm colors contain ash and cold ingredients; cold and dark colors contain a tendency to warm, with a tendency to purple or brown. Skin is very white and has a cold appearance of women can choose cool color. Chromic color in the application of the chest is more difficult, because the color itself is too prominent, too attractive, too eye-catching, the city's expansion of the color of the stimulus, the body itself is easy to be covered by brilliant color bra to become a supporting role.

But the fullness of the women can try this style, but be sure to remember the use of Chromic must have another light color as a lace trim in the above, so that her into the complexion.

Third, choose the underwear style reference standard

1. Bra function first is to fix the breast, so that the body in the activities of the breast from vibration, followed by the chest and body shape to look good. But no matter what kind of breast upright is the most basic.

2. We first look at the classification of underwear, according to the cup points, we are divided into full cup, which can be soft cloth breasts contained in the bra, with support and enhance the concentration of the effect is the most functional cup. Suitable for breast fullness and soft meat woman.

3.3 / 4 cup bra is the number of cups, the best effect of the best style, if you want to show clear the cleavage, then you must choose 3/4 cup to highlight the breast curve.

4.1 / 2 cup bra, conducive to clothing, this bra can usually be removed into a shoulder strap underwear, suitable for strapless clothes, although the function is relatively weak, but the effect is very good upgrade. Suitable for small petite girls.

5. According to the shape we can be divided into shoulder strap bra, the use of steel ring to support the chest, easy to meet with strapless and wide collar sexy clothing.

6. Magic bra, in the cup into the liner inside, in order to enhance and care of high chest, can show the breast and deep cleavage.

7. Seamless bra. Cup surface is seamless, sewing thick cotton pad, chest circumference is also a seamless treatment, suitable for tight clothing.

Fourth, select the underwear shoulder strap reference standard

1. Shoulder strap is a very important part of the bra, in the form of a different coat with the design of the shoulder strap style to wear a bra to bring a lot of convenience. If the shoulder strap is often slipping, naturally it is very bad thing.

2. A good bra in addition to a fit and comfortable cups and beautiful light decoration, the fixed and styling function is mainly through a good shoulder strap to play, the role of shoulder strap can not be ignored. We divide the shoulder strap into a strap shoulder strap, a 4 shoulder strap, a lace shoulder strap, a neck strap, a crossed shoulder strap, and a U-shaped shoulder strap.

3. Sling strap is the most common one; 4 shoulder straps are generally designed for wedding dress; waist cross shoulder strap is generally used to bare evening dress; neck shoulder strap for small breasts, large Chest ladies do not wear; cross shoulder straps for love sports young girls; U-shaped shoulder strap can also be used daily.

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