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Woman Seamless Underwear Using Innovative Special Equipment To Produce A Molding Underwear
Oct 11, 2017

Woman Seamless Underwear using innovative special equipment to produce a molding underwear. Woman Seamless Underwear used to produce high elasticity of knitted garments, underwear and high elasticity of movement of High-tech technology, so that the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts without seams. Woman Seamless Underwear will be comfortable, stylish, change in all. Compared to sew underwear on both sides of the seam, many seams, wear a long time will feel uncomfortable, or the skin is sewn with traces, and the elasticity is not good, not enough personal, wear a long time may become large and so on, Woman Seamless Underwear does not exist above the problem.

The production of Woman Seamless Underwear of the new special equipment for ultrasonic seamless sewing equipment, this equipment and traditional sewing equipment is completely different, do not use any needle and thread as the connection material only to its own fabric connection. Ultrasonic seamless sewing Equipment is the use of ultrasonic effect, ultrasonic vibration transformed by ultrasonic transducer can generate high frequency vibration when it is enlarged and assembled in the sewing tool (welding head), and the fabric in the underwear joint is under high frequency vibration, the friction produces a lot of heat energy, so the cloth molecule is opened, and the fabric at the interface is combined with each other. When not in the role of ultrasound, the interface has been fully integrated, its strength and the strength of the same cloth itself, so there will be no pull damage phenomenon, and the connection of their own material to reduce the process of difficulty, but also save a lot of labor, the most important is to greatly increase the comfort.

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