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Woman Seamless Underwear What Should Be Noted When Choosing?
Sep 27, 2017

Today, with the increase in online shopping efforts, many women are starting to buy their own underwear online. However, because of this, most women feel that the model is also good to wear, I should also fit fishes. In fact, buy back generally and their actual body and cup does not match.

1. You are not wearing a lingerie to its leaching due diligence, where are wearing a section. So experts suggest that under different occasions should choose a different underwear, because it can protect our chest from restraint.

2. Do you always feel that you just bought the underwear wearing uncomfortable?

Here you do not have to worry about it is normal, because the main function of underwear is to support our own chest, so it must be close to our body. In general, the ideal degree of tightness for the back and underwear directly take the distance of not more than two fingers of the space.

3. Usually there are so many personal underwear how to put it up?

For some underwear more female friends, more underwear sometimes more places no place. How to put it right? And then placed in the process, try to buckle the underwear hook, as is the space for other clothing to save space.

4. Underwear should be prepared to replace several sets of it?

Experts art rhyme recommended about 3 to 4 sets can be, in fact, the reason is very simple, just like underwear, personal clothing are needed to replace, prepare some spare on it.

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