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Woman Seamless UnderwearHealthy And Comfortable
Aug 22, 2017

Humans wear underwear experienced a long history of evolution, from the initial cover to the later personality beauty even if it is the most subtle differences in the pursuit of stubborn. With the socio-economic and cultural development, people began to return to the natural life of the longing and the pursuit of wearing underwear no longer blindly pursue body sculpting, breast and other effects, but more concerned about health and comfort. In order to meet people's pursuit of comfortable underwear, many companies in the fabric, technology, design and other aspects of continuous innovation and improvement.

About "Seamless":

The edge of the underwear to wear on the body can not see the traces of underwear, it is no trace of the concept, it is no trace of underwear. The so-called "seamless underwear" is the use of special machines and other equipment through a specific programming method is basically produced by a molding underwear, it uses the production of high-elastic knitted garments, underwear and high elastic sportswear high-tech, Parts without seams, will be comfortable, considerate, healthy, fashion set in one, not only make consumers put it down, but also deeply moved a lot of internationally renowned brand designers. Because the seamless weaving technology allows the designer to design without fabric restrictions, with the help of professional design software, design changes with the individual's personality changes in different parts of the body produce different extrusion effects, design a variety of fabric effects And style, design unlimited freedom.

Seamless underwear features:

(1) personal comfort: machine programming production, very few cutting, very few joints, reduce friction, improve comfort, more personal.

(2) perspiration breathable: the use of high-quality surface cloth, sweat breathable, keep the skin dry;

(3) natural body: a special elastic ingredients, not afraid of big action, smooth operation, upper body effect symmetry natural, traceless decompression.

(4) environmental health: can make a variety of fiber is the best combination of applications, and the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and sponge, so wear more healthy.

Seamless underwear has been Europe and the United States clothing industry underwear industry to promote a part. Seamless weaving is synonymous with comfort and health, has been favored by female friends. In the market, the price of seamless underwear, are also included in the high price of goods. I believe in the near future, the domestic female friends will be more and more concerned about the health of the breast, more and more trust in seamless underwear!

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