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Women Lingerie Save And Maintenance
Jun 13, 2017

  Women Lingerie save and maintenance

  1. Women's Lingerie is the closest to the body of clothing, first of all pay attention to clean. Dirt not only means not clean, but also affect the fabric ventilation, moisture absorption and softness, and thus damage to the fabric.

  2. At the time of purchase, if you like to buy a woman Lingerie to buy a little more, it is recommended to buy brand women's Lingerie, so that the use of each woman's Lingerie life can be longer. Advanced or high-priced products are sometimes beautiful and not durable, careful care can maintain its advantages.

  3. Women's Lingerie material is mostly soft and thin, wearing and off when not too hard, but also pay attention to nails can not hook fiber. Wear off a woman Lingerie also pay attention not to the foundation, lipstick dip in the women's Lingerie on top.

  4. For a long time to save the collection of women's Lingerie, you can put them a piece of carefully stacked, or cups and cups fold each other, as long as you do not destroy the original chest can be. Lining the thickest on the top, in order to bend down to prevent the thick lining of women Lingerie due to pressure and deformation, thin lining of women's Lingerie is no deformation concerns.

  5. In the delivery of women's Lingerie, the proposed separation with other clothing independent storage, and do not forget to put dehumidifiers or some desiccant. In addition, tell you a small recipe: drop a few drops of perfume in a small piece of cloth, or will be left with perfume bottles into the cabinet, one can be deworming, and second can make clothes full of faint fragrance.

  6. to prevent the limitations of women's Lingerie deformation: In order to make the delicate bra to maintain a beautiful shape, try not to use the washing machine to wash. Use cold water and mild detergent to clean, you can also hand wash.

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