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Women Lingerie To Avoid The Following Errors
Jun 13, 2017

  Women Lingerie to avoid the following errors:

  Misunderstanding 1 change hands around the cup

  34B-type ladies need a larger bra and buy a 36B-type bra; big breasts because they can not find H cup bra, so buy a 42D bra to meet the needs of the cup. Need a big cup type, but chose a body surrounded by a larger bra - a lot of women become fat chest circumference growth is often not aware of the breast cup also with the bigger. This may be because the body is too large, Lingerie can not give you enough support for a long time caused by breast sagging.

  Misunderstanding 2 a pair of Lingerie to wear two years

  Willing to spend a lot of money to buy a "peerless bra" is good, but even the best Lingerie, but also in accordance with their own body changes in a timely manner. Generally speaking, a life of Lingerie should not be more than two years. In addition, cleaning should also be careful not to use the machine to wash, to ensure that Lingerie is not deformed. Drying should also be dry when the first dry, so as not to cause the shoulder strap is too long.

  Misunderstanding 3 chest small do not wear Lingerie

  Whether you are a cup of Princess Princess, or D cup's proud wave Pa, the breast is a fat as the main component of the organ. Any movement that causes dithering means that the suspensory band will bear the weight of the breast every few seconds. So, Lingerie is necessary for every woman's wardrobe. Pregnancy when the breast should be more attention to changes in body changes, timely updates your Lingerie.

  Misunderstanding 4 sleep when wearing Lingerie

  Sleep to reduce the amount of physical activity, blood circulation slowed down, so in principle it is best not to have something to bind the body. But the larger chest of women (such as C cup and above), not wearing a bust may but can not sleep. This is because in the sleep, the weight of the chest bias to the armpit, so this shape of the female, in the sleep should wear no steel, soft and breathable full cup or vest bust.

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