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Women Nightwear Are Good For Sleep
Jun 27, 2017

  Ordinary Women Nightwear

  Women Nightwear are good for sleep. Pajamas soft texture, comfortable to wear, both conducive to sleep, but also conducive to sleep.

  Can prevent a variety of diseases. People in the sleep, the pores open, vulnerable to cold, such as colds and colds and colds after the cold; in the elderly common shoulder and shoulder inflammation associated with cold when the cold; coronary heart disease after cold stimulation prone to angina And other symptoms. And wear pajamas can effectively resist the cold after sleep.

  Speak hygiene. People in the work, life, learning exchanges, must be with bacteria. And wear pajamas to sleep can solve the problem of cross infection. Frail elderly bed for a long time, it will inevitably grow out of bedwash, if not pay close attention to treatment, but also further developed into a bed sores. Bed sores itching intolerable, easy to heal after breaking, will cause skin soft tissue ulcers and necrosis, so many elderly people suffer.

  Silk Women Nightwear

  In general, bedsores are pressed out. The elderly can help with the family, take the ground stand, ground massage, ground scrub, ground order, ground replacement and other measures to avoid long-term local tissue pressure. In addition, the elderly often wear silk pajamas, but also to a certain extent, prevention and treatment of pressure sores.

  Chinese medicine point of view: silk flat, spicy, non-toxic. Pizza made of silk is not only smooth texture, soft and comfortable, but also has easy to dry, moisture absorption, good heat dissipation characteristics, can enhance the vitality of the epidermal cells, promote cell metabolism, the skin produces a subtle massage, Thereby reducing the chance of microbial growth on the skin, the human body has a special health effects. Bed long old people wearing silk pajamas, to reduce the health of "bedwash" and the emergence of skin itching has a significant inhibitory effect, is any other kind of clothing can not be compared.

  It is noteworthy that the current pajamas on the market mostly made of chemical fiber materials, the elderly wear, the original dry skin is more likely to feel itching, but will increase the bedwash, bed sores itching. So, in the purchase of silk pajamas, be sure to choose genuine.

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