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Women Nightwear Category
Jul 21, 2017

  Women Nightwear Category

  The Women Nightwear can be divided into three types: the straps, the split, and the body gowns.

  O Strap Type skirt

  The strap-type Women Nightwear are more used in summer. Because of the hot summer, sweat often wet people's underwear. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of sweating wet, but also consider the beautiful, so, suspenders Women Nightwear debut.

  The quality of the suspenders Women Nightwear is mainly silk, silk, cotton hemp blended and pure cotton. Made from these materials

  Into the Women Nightwear, both sweaty and not intimate, the feeling of the elegant, indeed fascinating.

  O Split Set

  The biggest advantage of split Women Nightwear is that it's easy to wear comfortable. Most women at home prefer this style of Women Nightwear.

  The style of the split Women Nightwear is mainly embodied in the change of collar type. Small suit collar style is the most common type of collar, loose design, two big Shang fully embodies the practical value.

  Another beauty of a suit lapel design is to expose a woman's neck to a woman's neck to make a new one. In the cleaning convenience, remove the disadvantage of wearing pullovers.

  In addition to the small West lapel style, lapel shirt style is also the most common. Lapel Women Nightwear, increases the flexibility of the neck decoration, located in the neck button can be tied, can also be untied, look at random, but actually originality.

  In particular, in order to tie in with the Year of the Dragon, some brands will be Phoenix in the design of the top of the jacket, the flavor of national culture into the costumes.

  O-Body Robe

  In the Women Nightwear of the family, the early appearance and what people call Women Nightwear, I am afraid that this is the type of nightgown. Even the appearance of the body-style robe, not only people's clothing from the work and the home of the hair, but also implied that people's living standards are indeed improved.

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