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Women's Lingerie To Buy Tips
Aug 16, 2017

  Women's Lingerie to buy tips

  Lingerie is a woman's personal love thing, is a woman's intimate partner, whether you are feminine, innocent, simple or charming, unrestrained, sexy are inseparable from the care of Lingerie. For women, fit and comfortable Lingerie is a healthy and physical beauty of the guarantee, how to choose their own size and style? The closet to support you.

  NO.1 how to know their own SIZE:

  Bust size is the chest of the chest under the chest (chest close to the rib position of the circumference), and cup size is from the upper chest (nipple at the top of the circumference) to reduce the chest after the judge, subtraction in 10 cm for A cup, 10 ~ 13 Cm for the B cup, 13 to 15 cm for the C cup, 15 to 18 cm for the D cup, 18 to 20 cm for the E cup, these are simple to judge the data, but each Lingerie manufacturers because of the different types of production SIZE will be some minor changes, in fact, it is recommended to try to go to the counter SIZE is the most accurate.

  NO.2 how to choose a suitable for their own Lingerie:

  In the election Lingerie at the same time must first understand their own SIZE, do not want to make their chest looks more full and choose a small Lingerie, so that long-term oppression, but easy to produce breast breast tumor; election Lingerie The most important thing is comfort and wearing a chest-type effect.

  Followed by Lingerie modeling and price, comfortable Lingerie related to the design of the steel ring and Lingerie itself material, usually within the cotton is the most breathable and comfortable, and small chest women may recommend the choice of pad dumplings, Deep V effect, the big chest will have to pay attention to the Lingerie of the cover; do not because of the shape and often wear shoulder strap Lingerie, will easily cause the chest sagging deformation, in short, the most suitable for their own Lingerie or must try. NO.3 how to choose Lingerie fabric:

  Do not choose all cotton fabric products. Because the natural fiber retention and poor flexibility, for the repair Lingerie, they seem powerless, and then the chemical fiber is full of advantages. Therefore, in order to make these two fibers can play their own advantages, often using natural fibers and chemical fiber blends, with the appropriate blending ratio to meet the requirements, or in different parts of the fabric with different fibers. Such as bra cup with good moisture absorption of cotton, while the sideband is a good elastic chemical fiber fabric, so take their long. At present, many Lingerie are used double design, that is close to the skin layer of natural fiber, the surface layer with a beautiful chemical fiber lace, so both beautiful and comfortable, can be described as two birds with one stone.

  NO.4 how to wear Lingerie:

  Wear Lingerie is also a university asked, if the Lingerie wear bad, the chest will slowly expand, droop, and even the back of the small meat out, more beautiful, Lingerie will be with the body swing Shift, you can in the free time to the toilet to adjust to maintain a good chest type, and sometimes Lingerie wash long wear a long shoulder will slowly loose, but also to continue to adjust the Oh! The right to wear Lingerie steps: first hands through the shoulder strap sets to the shoulder, body 45 degrees angle cover the Lingerie covered with chest, buckle buckle, adjust the nipple in the cup center, the armpit fat allocated to the cup , At the same time to pull up the chest up, and finally adjust the length of the shoulder strap and pull the side of the smooth, to reach into a finger of the tightness of the most just.

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