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Women Seamless Underwear Does Not Need Any Cutting And Stitching
Jul 10, 2017

  Woman Seamless Underwear is a complete knitting product produced by a machine through specific programming, eliminating the need for cutting and stitching, and in the different parts of the product to weave different organizational structure, design with the human personality changes, the different parts of the body to produce different extrusion effect, the whole body comfortable, close to no trace, wear will produce body plastic or functional health care. In layman's fashion, women's seamless underwear is the same as the usual socks, Woman Seamless Underwear the whole circle is woven and made, the sides are not cut, so there is no suture line, and in the chest and buttocks have woven part, is the stereo type. The characteristics can be summed up as follows:

  (1) Fabric composition is generally: ground yarn for nylon. Cotton or other natural fibres, the veil is elastic yarn;

  (2) Seamless: The Magic seamless design, wear comfortable without scratches, care for the skin;

  (3) Body plastic body: unique chest, fiber waist, buttocks, straight back and other functions;

  (4) Guide soaked gas: cotton fabric, sweat breathable, Woman Seamless Underwear keep the skin dry and comfortable;

  Stylish and Beautiful: the shape of simple but without losing nobility, the appearance of simplicity without losing elegance.

  The so-called woman seamless underwear, refers to the body of clothing and trousers waist tube is seamless, and the sleeve tube and thigh trousers according to the production process, are sewn! Woman Seamless Underwear The major shopping malls nationwide sell the same brands. In order to avoid a few misunderstood customer misunderstanding, hereby hint.

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